The Details:

1. Purchased: Gift cards can be used in their entirety without restrictions on any product on The gift card code is entered in the check out section prior to completing your purchase. Same as Cash.

2. Giveaways: All Gift Cards issued during giveaways expire 15 days after issuance.

3. Reviews: Gift Cards issued for customer reviews are limited to a maximum of $20 in value every 30 Days. Gift cards expire 15 days after issuance.

  • Image Reviews: $5 Gift card awarded for all published reviews with an image of the Purchased* item Modeled**.
  • Video Reviews: $10 Gift Card awarded to all published reviews with a 10 second minimum video of the Purchased* item Modeled**.
Gift cards for reviews will be awarded at the time the review is published online, IF APPROVED
If reviewing a purchase that contains multiple items only one item is required to be modeled in order to receive the gift card.
Images and Videos must clearly display the garment in its entirety without filters, photoshopping or any other image editing processes. Please use adequate lighting and send ‘good quality’ pictures, preferably no selfies. 
If your image or video review did not qualify please contact customer care for more guidance on how to submit a review that does. Only one gift card issued per review.

*Purchased: defined as item purchased from and shown in customers account. 

**Modeled: defined as the product on the person in its entirety, without head cropping.

*** In order to combat circumvention of the "spirit" of the review gift card program, gift card codes issued for reviews are limited to a maximum of $30 (the maximum value issued per month) per order. Any order using more than $30 worth of review gift cards will be canceled. 

 **** Gift cards for reviews are subject to review and not guaranteed to be awarded because the review was published. The review must meet all the above outlined criteria.